Riches Stored in Secret Places

“I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” Isaiah 45.3 (NIV UK)

“Seek the Lord while He may be found; call on Him while He is near.” Isaiah 55.6 (NIV UK)

There is a wealth stored up in the place of relationship with God, where there is no rush, nor noise, nor outward show.  When we answer His call to come in to that place of stillness, deep inside, it is His Holy Spirit who helps us to find our way.

The first quote from the Scriptures, above, is spoken to a King who had no relationship with Him, but who was called specifically to accomplish something no-one else could do.  This began a journey for King Cyrus.

When God, the King of Heaven and Earth calls us, we have the opportunity to begin our own journeys.  We have the choice to say ‘yes’, or ‘no’.

The riches that are found in a relationship with this King, who is also our Father, are beyond price. Costly, and never viewed before your eyes saw them, they are riches of eternal beauty, created specifically for you, an individual called by God.

MD/16 October 2016

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God’s heart for us is richer than we can imagine.  In the second chapter of my book I am writing about Purpose, and I would really love to share with you a sense of what I am seeing.  In this short excerpt from my book “The Marathon Runner” I describe our pricelessness.  Enjoy!

“Ephesians 3.10 (NLT) says this: ‘God’s purpose in all this was to use the church to display his wisdom in tis rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.’

God is so proud of us that He wants to display each of us set like priceless jewels into His Church.  Living stones, sons and daughters, that glow with infinitely varied aspects of His likeness.  His purpose is that we come so alive to our purpose that we shout His praise, verbally and silently, to every principality and power, bringing them to their knees.  He is a Dad that adores His children, and finds every opportunity to show them off.  He sends some of us in to mine the darkness for these priceless jewels.  I want my words to mine the long closed depths for the richness that is to be brought to light for the King, which demonstrates the beauty of His creation, His precious children and shows His kindness through the impact of their lives on the earth.

Purpose in general is that we were made to be loved by God and to love Him.  Beyond that, we each have something that touches our hearts and fires us up.  There is something that God has purposed for each one of us, that is unique.”

Excerpt from “The Marathon Runner”, first of the equipping and empowering series “Eagle Wing: Releasing to Rise”. Copyright Martina Davis (, 17 August 2016.

Do watch on this blog as the book unfolds, and I will be sharing more excerpts along the journey.  Visit me on Twitter: @Selahalways and on my ministry Page (Renew Revelation: Encouraging the Generations).

Spirituality Matters

Meeting a neighbour this morning on my early walk, we chatted in the sunshine about what we were up to.  Neighbours here are few and far between.  Hearing that I had been writing my book, she asked me what I am writing about.

I explained that I was writing a series called Eagle Wing: Releasing to Rise, and she wanted to know more.  Hearing that in my first book, The Marathon Runner, I am speaking of the endurance and training we need to remain spiritually strong in whatever calling in life we have, and that the next book will be The Identity Key, she was eager to see my work.  I told her that each chapter begins with one word, each one of which comes together to form a journey for The Marathon Runner.

Spirituality is high on the agenda for many in this day, and I particularly see this in those of a New Age leaning, where knowing what we are created for, who we are called to, and the relationship with God that involves, can be radically life-changing.

This is why I write.  I write to convey a message.  I have a message that has set me free.  I choose to release that message so that others may be set free, and released to rise up.

I am basing my book around a word for encouragement and prayer that I received in my spirit during worship on 23 May 2014, which I have taken for the past two years into my own life and seen beginning to express itself.  My prayer is that it will touch many other lives, to challenge, transform and release to rise.

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What is the Point of Words?

The combination of today’s early morning Proverbs 13-15, 1 Corinthians 14.20-40, and Dano McCallum’s teaching on the power of sound, has been stunning.

I see that we must do all we can to craft the words we speak and write, the prophecies we give, to be the maximum potential for life to those who hear and read them.

Words are used to convey a message to those who hear them.  They are to declare, decree, enable, admonish, encourage, build up, comfort, explain.  In 1 Corinthians 14 we read that prophecy is the preferred method of communication, above tongues, in the Church because people will understand and hear what God is saying to them.  I see that in this message lies more: that all that we speak and write must be intelligible to those who need to understand it.  For it is not our gift on show, to demonstrate to others – rather it is a tool to bring impact and transformation to lives, to light the way, to change atmospheres in homes, cities and nations, and to bring glory to God through His Church.

Therefore doing all that we can to enable good reception – for instance using a translation of the Bible that is current, and speaking in words that are not religious and old-fashioned – is something close to God’s heart for us.  He will train us if we are willing, and we seek His Kingdom first.

So may I encourage those of us who are prophetic, to spend time with our ‘words’ – to take the seed of what God gives us into the quiet place a while, and listen to Him while we unpack what is within it.  Give ourselves space to set the scene and consider how to deliver it.  Then bring it with all the confidence that this time apart has given us.

MD/August 2016

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The Marathon Runner


Eagle Wing dimmed the cheering voices as she stepped to the starting line. Bare-footed as was the culture of her country, she was sure and fleet of foot and ready for the marathon lying before her. Mapped out in her head she could revise every twist and turn, but her success depended upon the force of energy and guidance within her that was the Holy Spirit of her God.

Breathing deeply and focussing her vision on the distance, she took her place amongst the crowd of runners. No kneeling at a starting block as in a sprint, bunched up ready to shoot out of the starting position, extend herself a short distance, and touch the finish line – for her, this would be a race of endurance.  Endurance she had learned over a long time of discipline, falling and picking herself back up, learning from her mistakes.

Her God had taught her as they walked and ran in the fields. Her feet had been bruised and had needed healing.  He had left His throne – for he was a King – to tend to her.  He had bathed them, washed them, and tended them until they were steady, strong and fast.  This was the nature of the Kingdom she came from.

He had talked to her often, as they walked and ran, about the marathon that was to come.  Gradually her understanding grew until one day she felt confident in her ability and empowered to run her race.

The runners around her now, pushing and jostling for position, were all wearing high tech trainers.  They all seemed taller than her, but she was not daunted.  She had been taught her worth, her ability and her identity as a King’s daughter.  Her name described the strength and power of her identity, the ability to soar above all difficulties and the impact she had when flying in her gift.  It also signified the Freedom of her land and its culture.  She was a first-time runner in this marathon, a marathon to the end, but she was confident and expectant.  Fear would come and face her as he always did – but she had been taught to look beyond him, outface him or ignore him.  And now the day had come, for the real race. /Martina Davis copyright July 2016.

I continue to plan and write my Eagle Wing: Releasing to Rise series with my first book, Who Are You? The Identity Key.  Enjoy the journey with me!


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The Race – Part 3 (1 Cor 9.24-27) Spiritual Lessons from a Physical Story

THE RACE – PART 3 (1 Cor 9.24-27) (Spiritual lessons from my physical story – see Parts 1 and 2):

What does what I have suggested mean?

  • Taking stock. Seeking God for purpose, priority, persistence. Then standing in it.
  • Pausing regularly to make adjustments. It is easy to keep going, harder to pause.
  • Depending fully on the Holy Spirit and receiving regular filling. We leak. Learning.
  • Asking Jesus to reveal increasingly who we are in Him. The Identity Key.
  • Understanding that it is out of the depth of the Infinity Pool of His love that we will overflow and see in the Spirit.

The Race – Part 2 (1 Cor 9.24-27) Spiritual Lessons from a Physical Story

THE RACE – PART 2 (1 Cor 9.24-27) Spiritual Lessons from my physical story earlier today (see Part 1):

THE ‘POSTURE’ KEY: Alignment. Focus. Vision. Stance. Consistency.

THE ‘STOPPING’ KEY: Refocus. Re-envisioning. Reviewing. Pausing. Adjusting.

THE ‘BREATHING’ KEY: Refilling. Refuelling. Receiving. The Holy Spirit.

THE ‘RELAXATION’ KEY: Letting go. Learning to work out of rest in the Spirit. Identity.

THE ‘SOAKING’ KEY: Going deep. Diving into God’s Love. Getting drenched in Him. Moving in and out of a different realm.

All counter-cultural.

All spiritual life-saving.

God is building marathon-runners with core strength to take the weight.

The Race – Part 1 (1 Cor 9.24-27 NIV)

THE RACE – PART 1 (1 Cor 9.24-27 NIV)

For four months I have experienced a physical training that has taught me spiritual principles. Paul speaks in these verses of not running aimlessly, fighting air, rather training and disciplining his body to run the race to get the prize. To do that, he was clear what that prize, that race, was for.

When muscles go into spasm you need to stop and adjust. The pain is just too intense. I was sent for x-rays, initial checks for breast cancer or bone malformations. Routine. All came back normal.  I’d already had healing prayer, and the swelling had gone down from constant impact, but a hard lump remained from which the pain radiated to my whole left upper body.

I went to my Physiotherapist who had not seen me for 4 years, and discovered that my left collarbone had been pulled so taut by my muscles that it had changed position, which was creating a cycle of pain.

We stopped all upper body exercise until we have manipulated the bone back into place (ouch).  We began constant stretches and weekly manipulation, with training and cycling for lower body and heart, and core body strength to allow the upper body to relax and be supported. It is proving fruitful.

One key is POSTURE.

In order for any of these things to work, they have to be done within a framework.  The physical framework is relearning posture, stance.

The next key is STOPPING.

If you are like I was, you throw yourself into things and you get focussed.  What I am having to train myself to do, currently, is to STOP. For me, for now, that means every 20 minutes!!  It means I refocus, stretch my body. Often, it means I drop some things I thought were important. This takes enormous discipline.

The next key is BREATHING.

My issue since childhood was hyperventilation.  Which means that muscles store up something which is damaging to them.  So when I stop I have to train myself to breathe properly from my diaphragm.

The next key, RELAXATION.

Deciding where and when to take time for yourself. Knowing yourself and your needs. Just being.

The next key, SOAKING.

Stopping to lie on your back and soak. What do I mean by ‘soak’? Taking what you know of the Scriptures and God, whilst putting music on, and lying down. Then focussing on Him even for 5 minutes.  The Holy Spirit ministers to you and you emerge refreshed.

In the next post (PART 2), I will share what paving stones this experience is laying in my life.

A High Level Gift Needs Intimate Relationship

Unhealed wounds, when knocked, are easily opened.

We can have a high level gift, without the deep inner knowledge of God as our Father.  If we use the gift whilst having a heart and spirit that is far from God as we have not yet connected with God as our Father due to deep underlying issues –  our ways of thinking and acting will taint what, why, when, where and how we use it.  This in turn will affect those we use it on, with and for.

Coming to know and understand our journey is so crucial to process and identity.  Getting healed up is essential.  Coming to know God as our Father through our intimacy with and growing knowledge of Jesus who is the exact representation of our Father God, is life-changing.

– Martina Davis.

The Eagle Wing series is the place I discuss this and my own experience in more detail.  I am still on the journey!

Prophecy: A Releasing Gift

Prophecy is a spiritual gift clearly encouraged in the New Testament of the Bible, to be eagerly sought after by every follower of Jesus Christ. It is available to all, not just the few, this side of the cross. Every believer can seek to use this gift, if they want to, and develop and be trained in it.

Specifically for encouraging, strengthening and building people up, it is a gift that can cause breakthrough in people’s lives, and be effective also in inner healing. Prophecy in the New Testament, unlike in the Old Testament before Jesus died on the cross, is not judgmental. Believers are called to use it to draw out the gold in others, not to encourage fear. It can also be expressed through art, writing and creativity, not only through speech. Something can be ‘prophetic’.

Prophecy is a direct result of a relationship with God. When we speak to God about people and situations as believers, we can ask Him what He thinks. He will tell us, and give us information that we can use to develop a word of encouragement for someone. Sometimes this will be as simple as telling them of the Father God’s love for them at that moment, or it can be much more detailed.

Prophecy is to be tested, for in the New Covenant we do not speak the exact words of God, like the Old Covenant prophets did. In the Old Covenant, the Holy Spirit came UPON the chosen man or woman, as God’s prophet at the time, but in the New Covenant, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us all of the time. So sometimes our own feelings or agenda can get mixed up in the prophecy.

Testing is for the recipient of the word of encouragement to do. For instance, what did the word feel like – if it was constricting then it was likely to be from a source other than God. Or, did it have the agenda of raising up Jesus in the person’s life? Was it biblical? Seek confirmation if it is a directional word.

Although the gift may be received and used by all believers who ask, it can be developed and trained.  Those who continue with the gift, receiving training and undergoing character transformation to match the gift, move into a prophetic ministry, mentioned in Scripture in Romans Chapter 12.  Those who, after many years, are called by the Holy Spirit to become a Prophet, will be disciplined in character and gift – they become the gift, and are given to train up God’s Church in the gift, and this is called the Office of Prophet, mentioned in Scripture in Ephesians Chapter 4.

A misunderstanding of the purpose and operation of the gift can cause confusion, therefore training and understanding is important, so that it may reach its full potential as encouraging, building up, and strengthening, receiving the full acknowledgement and value it is due.

This is a very brief overview of this gift. Do ask questions if you are interested.  More information and teaching on this important subject can be gained via @School4Prophecy on Twitter – Mark Iles is my Mentor who has taught me and encouraged me into the journey I am taking. He is a seasoned Prophet, Teacher and Mentor running School4Prophecy, and is currently writing a manual called Developing Your Prophetic Gifting.  His teaching is clear, practical and encouraging.

I responded to this challenge on The Daily Post, WordPress, as I feel that the topic suits my aim to pursue prophetic principles in my life and writing, and promote them (link below).   It is a matter high on my heart in my own book writing on the importance of Identity, “Who Am I? The Identity Key.”  This is the first of my “Eagle Wing – Releasing to Rise” series of books.  I use some of my own experiences and story to lay out keys to release us to a fruitful and free life.  See me also on Twitter, @Selahalways .