Can These Bones Live?

The question I seek to ask in these blog posts and in my book is, what is most precious? Do we believe it is possible to obtain that in our lifetime? In essence, is abundant life a reality? Can I come alive to that which is most precious? And, how do I come alive?

Jesus says in John 10.10, ‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ The devil, the thief, may well have come and taken from you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and removed all your willpower to take them back. Yet Jesus, when you have given Him your life, fills you with His promised Holy Spirit who gives you the power, the will, to receive and to do all that He promises and commands. Tap into His power, not your own.

MORE Painting October 2017-1

What are the waves that have hit you and shaken the bones in your body or your life, or that have threatened to overwhelm you? Over the past four weeks we have faced the partial and sudden loss of field of vision in my right eye, and the process of uncovering the causes, with all the attendant fears. It has been a case of choosing what thoughts we think, how we believe, and to have faith in a good Father. We found out last night, Shrove Tuesday, that so much of what was predicted has not come to pass and that the results are much more favourable than we were first told. Over the 3.5 weeks of hospital visits and waiting, a group of 27 friends were pushing these boulders out of the way alongside us.

I and my husband have chosen to live life to the full and not to be concerned about what might happen in the future. We know our God as a good Father. We still believe also for full and complete healing.

To some blind men, Jesus said after he had taken them aside privately: ‘Do you believe that I am able do this?’ (Matt 9:28NIVUK italics mine). They did not hesitate to say: ‘Yes, Lord.’ What is our answer? Today, on Ash Wednesday at the start of Lent, I want to challenge us to into a quiet place with Him to answer His question. What is it that stops you from overcoming the habits that hinder you, the thoughts that surround you, or the ill-health that plagues you? Do you have an inner core belief that it is possible to access the most precious Kingdom of God where there is abundant life in the here and now, available to you – whatever your surrounding circumstances?

Today we have an opportunity for fresh thinking. Rather than fixing our minds, bodies and spirits on what we need to stop for Lent, let’s open them to the freedom that Christ promises us, to allow the Truth to set us free! Jesus told us that if we ‘hold to His teaching’, we are His disciples – and as we do so, we will come to know the Truth, which will set us free. Knowing the Truth sets us free in body, mind and spirit. (See John 8:31,32 NIVUK).

MORE Painting October 2017

In my book The Posture Principle, I describe how to position ourselves to receive from Him and develop this relationship where we are brought into the Truth He promises will set us free. I speak from my own experiences, disciplines and practice, and though I have given basics for a  three week study, there are deeper and more prolonged pathways that take time. We can take that leap of faith and free-fall into the Father’s arms in Jesus. At that point, He takes us on a journey with Him and we discover that, yes, these ‘bones’ – ourselves – can be revived.

©Martina Davis : all text, paintings and photography, and quotes from The Posture Principle (published December 2017) are mine. The Posture Principle is available on,, and . It is also available on Kindle.

I will be speaking at The Mustard Seed bookshop in Marlborough, UK on 17th April 2018.



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