Bubble Thoughts: 28 June

We discovered yesterday that we had been swimming 1.5km each day for the past three. Non-stop with different styles, which has developed strength, slowly, and evenly, and increased breathing capacity. It’s a bit like life, and habits, practised daily, with determination, as a natural part of the day. We’ve enjoyed it – it has left us tired at first, then growing in health. We’ve seen a lot on the way and investigated huge crabs, fish and anemones in the rocks, we’ve enjoyed the sunshine and the salt in our eyes has stung. But at the end, taking precious time on the beach to reflect, have a warm drink to regain feeling in our fingers, and listen to the sounds and rest, our minds are freer to encompass a huge God. One who gives us life in abundance, who asks us to rest and keep healthy, who tells us that more flows from that. In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Pete Scazzero talks of a rhythm of life and not being afraid to take these times when God is specifically putting them in place. They feed our souls, spirits, and bodies. More flows from them…

As Grace Creativity has been growing and transforming, I have decided to share what I will call ‘Bubble Thoughts’ with you now and then. My husband named them! Frequently we find ourselves chatting about things, God and I, and I share them with my husband. It’s time to spread that wider! Do you like the idea? Why not comment below and get a conversation going? You never know – a few Bubble Thoughts may arise within you too!

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