Bubble Thoughts: 29 June

Wearing swimming goggles totally changes my perspective. Above the waterline, things behave in a totally different way to below. For example – there is a buoyancy in the sea that gravity defeats above it! Below the waterline we need practice to hold our breath from long periods of time. Breath comes out in visible bubbles.  The beauty of the seagrasses and seaweed, in their varying greens and textures, is exposed as they wave gently with the sea’s movement, in the dappled sunlight between the rocks through which I swim. There is a clear line between one world and the other. And so it is in the Holy Spirit. We can learn, through practice, to see in the Spirit and live in the Spirit, while within the physical world. With practice, we can learn to breathe in each. Soon we will be able to dive into the depths of the Spirit, and investigate and interpret things we see, into every day language to help others on their journeys.

These ‘Bubble Thoughts’ I am writing, emerged from a week of swimming in the sea when extraordinary UK weather meant that it was flat and calm. The beauty of it has blown my husband and I away – such gift from God in our week’s refreshment. What do you think?

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