Can I Really Hear God?

I am excited to be able to offer an opportunity to find the answer to this question, in the Autumn! I will be teaching ‘How to Hear from God’, one night per month in October, November and December. We will spend the second half of the evening putting it into practice, experiencing our God who speaks.

The ‘prophetic’ is essentially hearing God for others. We are told clearly in 1 Corinthians 14:31 that ALL can prophesy, not just a few special people. That means all, and we add in our teaching, ‘who want to’. We are also told in John 10:3-5 that Jesus’ sheep know His voice, which means that He speaks.

In our course we will learn that there are several ways He speaks – we are not just talking about an audible voice. We will also be told why He speaks, and how to discern whether we are hearing His voice, our enemy’s voice, or our own voice. We will find out what we need to do to hear Him and how to begin to find our prophetic voice.

Many of us have settled for ‘radio silence’, or the volume turned down on hearing God, because we thought this was not for today, or that it was not normal. We’re about to blast that lie away!

The course details can be found on the ‘Prophetic Training’ page, which you will find in the Menu.

Martina 6 June 2018

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