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Married for thirty-two years with two grown sons, Martina is Creative Director of Nant Enterprises Ltd and Grace Creativity. Together, Martina and Richard (Dickie) Davis have thirty years’ background in the armed forces. They are committed members of the family at Winchester Vineyard Church, UK.

Martina is in the prophetic ministry, a member of the Southampton-based School for Prophecy. She has ministered with Mark Iles and the team for almost five years, and in Vineyard churches.

She has twenty-three years’ experience in the anglican church, out of which her heart to bring identity, freedom, release and deliverance into people’s lives, was birthed. This is often expressed using artistic impression.

In Grace Creativity, she also sells her prophetic and secular artwork, photography and writing. Her book The Posture Principle – A Practical Guide to Embracing Your True Calling: Esther 4:14 is the first of the series of three: Equipping Unexpected Warriors. It is due out this December 2017.

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Endorsements for The Posture Principle:

 “I am a great believer in the power of beliefs, therefore I highly recommend Martina Davis’ The Posture Principle. This book will equip with the beliefs and attitudes of the heart that will position to receive the fullness of who we are and what God has for us.” – Steve Backlund, Associate Leader/Pastor Bethel Church of Redding, California; Founder of Igniting Hope Ministries; Global Legacy (staff), a relational network that connects, encourages and equips revival leaders worldwide; Author.

 “Intimacy is the purpose, possibility and proclamation of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Posture Principle’ calls us to this quest.” – Mark Iles, School for Prophecy – from his Foreword to the book.

“This book links us to Scripture in laymen’s terms. Martina’s everyday usage and descriptive language gives an excitement that this is truly what the Word can do. Her quotes and description never leave you cold, because they come from a deep place and they describe where she is.” – Jane Coburn, All Saints Swanage – lay assistant and visitor.

Reviews for Martina’s prophetic art:

“Martina painted a prophetic picture for me. It is beautiful and I loved the words she had to go with it. It hangs in my prayer room and is a constant reminder of what God thinks about me. I also ordered the cards with the same image. I love to write encouragements from God on them for people. Must be better than emailing or texting and also when people see the card it opens up some interesting conversation. Highly recommended.” – Paula Bass, Wokingham, UK.

“Every time I look at the painting, it gives me hope and a sense of contentment envelopes me. My husband loves having it hanging in the lounge and gets joy from it too. The message that was inscribed resonates today as it did when I first saw the message and the two are intertwined. I left Martina with the smallest of briefs – paint me a dancing picture and let me know what God says. Well He spoke and she listened and it will speak to me for the rest of my life.” – Emma Shumsky, Reading, UK.

Comments on Martina’s photography:

“Another fantastic picture. The lighting is so good and the colour fantastic.” – Paul Noble, Southampton, UK.






This blog is where you will find monthly updates, writings and photographs.  Grace Creativity is a part of Nant Enterprises Ltd, of which I am Creative Director, Co-Founder and Owner.

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