God’s heart for us is richer than we can imagine.  In the second chapter of my book I am writing about Purpose, and I would really love to share with you a sense of what I am seeing.  In this short excerpt from my book “The Marathon Runner” I describe our pricelessness.  Enjoy!

“Ephesians 3.10 (NLT) says this: ‘God’s purpose in all this was to use the church to display his wisdom in tis rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.’

God is so proud of us that He wants to display each of us set like priceless jewels into His Church.  Living stones, sons and daughters, that glow with infinitely varied aspects of His likeness.  His purpose is that we come so alive to our purpose that we shout His praise, verbally and silently, to every principality and power, bringing them to their knees.  He is a Dad that adores His children, and finds every opportunity to show them off.  He sends some of us in to mine the darkness for these priceless jewels.  I want my words to mine the long closed depths for the richness that is to be brought to light for the King, which demonstrates the beauty of His creation, His precious children and shows His kindness through the impact of their lives on the earth.

Purpose in general is that we were made to be loved by God and to love Him.  Beyond that, we each have something that touches our hearts and fires us up.  There is something that God has purposed for each one of us, that is unique.”

Excerpt from “The Marathon Runner”, first of the equipping and empowering series “Eagle Wing: Releasing to Rise”. Copyright Martina Davis (, 17 August 2016.

Do watch on this blog as the book unfolds, and I will be sharing more excerpts along the journey.  Visit me on Twitter: @Selahalways and on my ministry Page (Renew Revelation: Encouraging the Generations).

Spirituality Matters

Meeting a neighbour this morning on my early walk, we chatted in the sunshine about what we were up to.  Neighbours here are few and far between.  Hearing that I had been writing my book, she asked me what I am writing about.

I explained that I was writing a series called Eagle Wing: Releasing to Rise, and she wanted to know more.  Hearing that in my first book, The Marathon Runner, I am speaking of the endurance and training we need to remain spiritually strong in whatever calling in life we have, and that the next book will be The Identity Key, she was eager to see my work.  I told her that each chapter begins with one word, each one of which comes together to form a journey for The Marathon Runner.

Spirituality is high on the agenda for many in this day, and I particularly see this in those of a New Age leaning, where knowing what we are created for, who we are called to, and the relationship with God that involves, can be radically life-changing.

This is why I write.  I write to convey a message.  I have a message that has set me free.  I choose to release that message so that others may be set free, and released to rise up.

I am basing my book around a word for encouragement and prayer that I received in my spirit during worship on 23 May 2014, which I have taken for the past two years into my own life and seen beginning to express itself.  My prayer is that it will touch many other lives, to challenge, transform and release to rise.

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What is the Point of Words?

The combination of today’s early morning Proverbs 13-15, 1 Corinthians 14.20-40, and Dano McCallum’s teaching on the power of sound, has been stunning.

I see that we must do all we can to craft the words we speak and write, the prophecies we give, to be the maximum potential for life to those who hear and read them.

Words are used to convey a message to those who hear them.  They are to declare, decree, enable, admonish, encourage, build up, comfort, explain.  In 1 Corinthians 14 we read that prophecy is the preferred method of communication, above tongues, in the Church because people will understand and hear what God is saying to them.  I see that in this message lies more: that all that we speak and write must be intelligible to those who need to understand it.  For it is not our gift on show, to demonstrate to others – rather it is a tool to bring impact and transformation to lives, to light the way, to change atmospheres in homes, cities and nations, and to bring glory to God through His Church.

Therefore doing all that we can to enable good reception – for instance using a translation of the Bible that is current, and speaking in words that are not religious and old-fashioned – is something close to God’s heart for us.  He will train us if we are willing, and we seek His Kingdom first.

So may I encourage those of us who are prophetic, to spend time with our ‘words’ – to take the seed of what God gives us into the quiet place a while, and listen to Him while we unpack what is within it.  Give ourselves space to set the scene and consider how to deliver it.  Then bring it with all the confidence that this time apart has given us.

MD/August 2016

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