Prophetic Training

As we have gone on our journey to offer the course below, our vision has grown, and we feel that the Holy Spirit is leading us in a different direction – possibly a different size, location or content. We are giving ourselves now to seek God and we will come back to you in the New Year on it.




“How to Hear from God”

Location: Marlborough and Environs, UK (Address on Registration).

Starting on: Tuesday 16th October 2018, 7.30pm.

An Introduction to Level 1, Developing Your Prophetic Gift (School for Prophecy).

Cost: £5 per session, payable on the day. There will be full student notes and refreshments.

Recordings of each session will also be available afterwards digitally, for £3 each.

Places are limited, so you are welcome to book early. Use the form below to register and ask questions.

The Course:

HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD 2018 has been designed for those who want to develop in hearing God’s voice as a normal part of life. It assumes no prior knowledge, yet it will also help those who are more experienced by providing a biblical foundation and essential practice with fun workshops.

We will identify the main biblical ways we can hear from God, learn how to strengthen our relationship with Him, and lay foundations for the gift of prophecy. We will identify the voice of our enemy, his main weapons and the Biblical resources to defeat him.

Then we will learn how to find our voice by reinforcing the lessons, introduce hearing God for others through prophecy and lay the foundations for comfortably growing in the gift.

My personal journey into hearing God and the prophetic has given me a heart to accompany others on theirs, and build up the church in the gift of prophecy.

I present this course as a member of the Southampton-based School for Prophecy, founded and led by Mark Iles. I have found this rooted, clear, and biblical teaching life-changing. Level 1 ‘Developing Your Prophetic Gift’, is due to start in the New Year; ‘How to Hear from God’ comfortably provides an introduction and taster.


October: Tuesday 16th 2018 – Hearing God’s Voice

November: Tuesday 13th 2018 – Recognising the Enemy’s Voice

December: Tuesday 11th 2018 – Finding Your Own Voice


7.45pm Welcome and Introduction

8.00pm Session 1 – Teaching

8.30pm Q&A

8.45pm Stretch Break

9.00pm Session 2 – Workshop

9.45pm Close

Each course member will receive recorded prophetic ministry on the final evening, instead of a Workshop.



Martina is a member of the School for Prophecy, having ministered and trained in the prophetic on Schools with Mark Iles for the past five years in Jersey, Bath, Southampton, Reading and Winchester. She has also been involved in church-based prophetic ministry, particularly in Vineyard churches. She founded and runs Grace Creativity, her prophetic ministry through which she often uses art, photography and writing to express God’s abundance and teach a deeper relationship of intimacy with Him.


Mark has been in the prophetic ministry for nearly 25 years, and has been leading and teaching on Schools of Prophecy, teaching at conferences and mentoring the prophetic, most of that time. He currently works with Churches in the UK and Overseas on a relational basis providing strategic teaching, prophetic ministry and mentoring support.

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